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sexta-feira, abril 04, 2014

What if?

What if I were to jump from this bridge right now?
Would you care?If I were to know you wouldn't careWould I still jump?
What if he is not gone after all
and would sit at the dinner table tonight (at his favourite spot)?What if we could suddenly hear him?Would that scare us? - Or make us miss him even more?
What if we were to run away together
If I were to leave everything behind just for you?Would you love me and look after me forever?What if forever isn't long enough?
What if I am the one who decides to not go on?
Would you carry on loving me?What if forever truly means eternity?Would we be ready for it?
What if there is another side?
Would you try to come back and tell me?What if I were too busy to listen to you?As I feel I always was.
What if you could hear me from heaven?
Would you believe in my regret?What if now that you are goneyou could know my nasty secrets?Would you think less of me?
What if I could think more of you?
Well, I just think I can't.

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